15 May 2023

Are you an SME offering energy storage solutions and are you thinking about entering the Dutch, Belgian, German, UK or Irish market? Or are you interested in the opportunities that entering a foreign market could offer for your business? Then these webinars are for you!

The flyer and the link to sign up is at: https://www.nweurope.eu/projects/project-search/steps-storage-of-energy-power-systems-in-nwe/news/5-steps-webinars-how-to-enter-the-energy-market/

The STEPS project offers a series of webinars in the coming weeks about entering new markets! Are you thinking about entering the Dutch, Belgian, German, UK or Irish market? Or are you interested in the opportunities that entering a foreign market could offer for your business? Or curious what new insights there are in the market you are operating in?

The series consists of 5 webinars. Each of the webinars zooms in on the local energy market of that country, shows the chances and opportunities for new businesses, and gives the opportunities to ask questions to local experts and other SMEs.
Interested? Check the date and time for the webinar of your interest on the flyer below and sign up via the QR code or the STEPS website.Here you can also find an informational slide deck for each of the countries that give additional information about the local energy market and opportunities.
You can also find additional details on LinkedIn and Twitter

16 July 2021

Read about how Voltfang, an SME based in Germany, are being supported by energy storage experts through the STEPSNWE EU project in this interview

28 June 2021

We are coordinating an Energy Master Plan (EMP) for Galway city. Our Request for Quotations was successful and the selected contractors are preparing the plan presently. The document will be launched when it’s complete, containing actions and recommendations for all sectors to reduce energy use and emissions. Keep an eye out here and on our social media accounts for news as it happens (facebook, twitter, linkedin).

This will be the first EMP that will fall into a community fund application with SEAI, who we are grateful to for financing the EMP.

25 June 2021

We joined forces with Medtronic and Glas to successfully install 11.5kW solar PV system at their facilities, with another 400kW planned!

23 June 2021

We are collaborating with stakeholders and residents in Westside with the aim for them to become a climate action lighthouse community. Through climate actions workshops, and energy audits of local buildings, we are coordinating an Energy Master Plan for Galway City. This Master Plan will guide Westside and Galway City towards decarbonisation.

23 June 2021

Hydroelectricity being produced right here on the Corrib? It could become a reality.

We have assessed the feasibility and one of our directors is currently building a turbine that will be useable in the Corrib and elsewhere.

More news on this as it’s tested here and over on our social media pages (facebook, twitter, linkedin)

18 May 2021

An exciting opportunity for energy storage innovators in North-West Europe to develop their technologies opens this month. The STEPS Business Support Programme works with small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and offers support to take their solutions from the test stage to market ready. Operating within North-West Europe (NWE), the free programme gives SMEs the opportunity to optimise their products and develop their technologies with real-life testing.

27 April 2021
  • Are you an energy storage solution provider in North-West-Europe that wants to bring their product to the market?
  • Do you want to get connected with end-users and demonstrate your technology at their testbed?
  • Do you want to get support from leading knowledge partners and network organisations in NWE?

The STEPS Business Support Programme is for you!

11 January 2021

A new business support programme for energy storage companies within North-West Europe launched this week. The STorage of Energy and Power Systems (STEPS) Business Support Programme will support small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in bringing their energy storage solutions to the market. As part of the Interreg North-West Europe (NWE) programme, the STEPS project aims to strengthen the collaboration and competitiveness of businesses in the region and lead NWE to the forefront of energy storage innovation.

30 January 2020

We are participating as Societal Impact Champion in the upcoming Seminar on the HyBioSol project. The project involves converting CO2 effluents to biofuels (i.e., ethanol and/or butanol) and/or chemical commodities (i.e., acetic and butyric acid), or bioplastics.

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