30 January 2020

We are participating as Societal Impact Champion in the upcoming Seminar on the HyBioSol project. The project involves converting CO2 effluents to biofuels (i.e., ethanol and/or butanol) and/or chemical commodities (i.e., acetic and butyric acid), or bioplastics.

12 February 2019

We held 2 events additional events in the Westside Resource Centre. The meetings gave free energy advice on how home heating bills can be reduced. The purposes of the meetings were to give people the tools to make energy bill savings (and help the environment) and to broaden the number of partners for the Westside SEC.

26 November 2018

In late November we held 3 events on the new SEAI Community Grants in Ballybane (21 and 22/11) and Westside (26/11). The meetings detailed some of the other relevant SEAI grants. The purpose of the meetings were:

20 November 2018

We became a Co-operative.

19 October 2018

On October 19th, members of the Co-op attended a Galway Hydro Conference in NUIG looking at the various possibilities for Hydro Power for Galway. We were invited to be an active partner in this potential project.

28 September 2018

Public event in the Portershed on Sept 28th, highlighting the work of several advanced SEC communities around the Country, the grant schemes and potential opportunities in the Hydrogen Economy.

About Us

Galway Energy Co-operative aims to be an advocate for provide clean, renewable energy and services for Galway City and the surrounding area. We commenced operation in 2018.

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Our Aims

Develop renewable energy to support climate change mitigation efforts

Democratise energy production

Develop local employment opportunities

Engage the knowledge, energy and expertise of the local community.