In a significant stride towards sustainable energy practices, the Galway Energy Co-operative (GEC) is poised to reveal its comprehensive Energy Master Plan at the Westside Resource Centre on Thursday, November 30th, at 7 pm.

Galway Energy Co-operative warmly welcomes the householders, local businesses and community organisations who participated in the energy audits. The broader community is also encouraged to attend and be part of this transformative initiative. The organisers GEC extend their gratitude to Galway City Council for its role in administering the plan and acknowledge their valuable support.

Geographically, the plan spans a substantial section of Galway City, with a particular focus on the Westside Area, which is currently witnessing multiple climate and decarbonisation projects. The report provides critical statistics for the local area, identifying opportunities for energy-saving measures for households, community groups, and businesses alike. Notably, the event introduces the "Warm Home Hub" initiative created to guide individuals through every stage of their home retrofit journey. The hub is located within the Westside Resource Centre delivered by the Net Zero Cities project.

EMP MapThe master plan showcases the region's potential to reduce fossil fuel energy consumption by over 30% by 2030. This event explores opportunities to enhance and save costs on fossil fuel heating, projecting a significant reduction in average household energy spending, ranging from 20% to a potentially transformative 50%. Going beyond individual households, the Energy Master Plan extends its reach to various sectors, including retail, offices, restaurants, pubs, hotels, warehouses, workshops/maintenance depots, industrial process buildings, community/day centres, schools and colleges, and sports facilities.

In addition to emphasizing financial savings, the unveiling outlines various retrofit measures, including support and grants available including community energy grants. The plan goes further, delineating low-cost or no-cost actions that, when combined, have the potential to achieve approximately 50% reductions in household energy expenditure.

The Galway Energy Co-operative is excited to host Energy Co-operatives Ireland, the architects of this impactful plan. Their presentation promises to illuminate numerous opportunities for the people of Galway, local organisations, and businesses to actively contribute to environmental preservation while simultaneously realising substantial cost savings.  All are invited to attend, learn how to potentially halve energy bills, and explore energy-saving alternatives with experts available to discuss retrofit plans using grants currently available from SEAI.

Join us on November 30th at 7 pm at the Westside Resource Centre for a glimpse into a more sustainable and cost-efficient energy future.


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Galway Energy Co-operative aims to be an advocate for provide clean, renewable energy and services for Galway City and the surrounding area. We commenced operation in 2018.

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